How to hang a frame


First you should decide where you want to hang your lifeprint. We suggest that you hang your artwork so that the center of the print is in line with the eye. Avoid hanging it in direct sunlight, near heat or wet sources as your print may become sun-bleached and damaged.


Useful tools and supplies are for example a hammer (if you do not use our adhesive hook that is), a pen, a level (or a friend with sharp sight) and a tape measure or ruler.


Check if the wall is a plaster wall or concrete wall in case you intend to drill as it affects which tools you will be needing. We recommend our self-adhesive hook <(link the word), which is also adjustable, so that neither hammer nor drill is needed. Take a look at the back of your frame to see where the hanger is when you have weighted it out.

Then hold up your personal print where you wish to hang it, use the pencil to mark a line at the top of the frame so you know how high you should hang it. Measure the distance from the board hook to the top of the frame and measure on the wall from your marked line. That way you know where to attach the hook and can easily hang up the framed print. Take two steps back and make sure the print hangs straight.


Enjoy your new lifeprint!


Any questions?


We're here to help. Simply email us at and one of our experts will guide you through the process.