About us



Our vision is to help you make memorable moments last. We do that by turning memories into something tangible to remember and share forever. Lifeprints are made every day, large or small, from the birth of a child to the city where you first met. Your personal print may then be the date of your newborn or a map of your favorite place.

Our mission is to provide personalized prints online, easy and accessible. The word "pinx." is an abbreviation of "pinxit" which translated from Latin means “he or she painted it”. So get started, pick a favorite moment and create a lifeprint to share with others and add beauty to your home.


Welcome to Pinx Prints - Make a lifeprint.

Pinx Prints is operated with in the company Pinx AB, a part of the Gimmersta Group. With its head office in Borås, the group also consist of the companies Sandberg Wallpaper AB and Rebel Walls AB, both of which are well-established companies and brands in the wallpaper industry.

The Gimmersta Group has a history that goes back as far as 1925. Today, the group is run by the third generation and has business in over 50 countries. To maintain the highest quality of our products and deliveries, Pinx Prints collaborates with a flexible network of specialists in design, programming, logistics and production. This way, we can adjust the production according to the demand, which is favorable for both the environment and the economy.